Estonian Tax Law

It is the dream of many a tax advisor to obtain for a client indefinite deferral—a state where income is built up, but the tax burden on that income is never recognized. Many sophisticated international tax structures try to create such deferral for U.S. tax purposes. The very best of these structures also create deferral …

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Importance of the Unruh Act

For California business owners, understanding the implications and requirements of the Unruh Civil Rights Act (Unruh Act) is critically important. It provides protection for people and requires businesses to treat all individuals equally. Violations of the Unruh Act can have significant consequences for businesses.

Equality and Protection

The Unruh Act makes it illegal for business …

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Selling Your Business to Your Child

Family-owned businesses are often staples of their communities. For many owners of these types of businesses, it is desirable to sell the business to their child. This is particularly true if the child is involved in the operation of the business. Further, by selling the business, as opposed to gifting it or placing it in …

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409(A) Deferred Compensation

Deferring compensation is commonly used to avoid paying taxes on compensation immediately. But, under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), deferring compensation can sometimes cause additional taxation. As a result, individuals and businesses considering deferring compensation should understand the scenarios that may trigger this tax.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation is compensation paid in a year other …

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