Taxation of Employer-Provided Meals

By Royse Law Firm, PC

Many large employers, particularly technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, provide free or subsidized meals to their employees. Reports suggest that the IRS is taking a closer look at the tax treatment of these meals in its audits and additional guidance is expected this year.

The provision of …

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Tax Reform Act of 2014

By Royse Law Firm, PC

With the 113th Congress drawing to a close, Chairman Camp (R-Mich.) introduced the Tax Reform Act of 2014 to the House to formalize the legislative draft he released in February 2014. While acknowledging that there was little time to pass the bill in the current Congress, Camp said that he …

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Year-end business tax planning

By Royse Law Firm, PC

It’s time again to think about year-end tax planning. The bad news is that Congress has yet to act on several tax breaks that expired at the end of 2013. Some of these tax breaks may be retroactively reinstated and extended, but Congress may not decide the fate of these …

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Crowdfunding: Opportunities and Potential Roadblocks for Startups

By Royse Law Firm, PC

In 2012 the President signed the JOBS Act, which introduced the concept of letting the wisdom of the crowd instead of the regulator determine the sale of securities. The crowdfunding movement (as expressed in the JOBS Act) is the result of the perfect storm of technology, legislation and market acceptance …

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