Series LLC

For individuals with multiple properties or businesses, an alternative to creating multiple limited liability companies (LLC) is to form a series LLC. This special form of LLC, first developed by Delaware, contains many benefits, but is also filled with limitations that business owners should be aware of.

What is a Series LLC?

A series LLC …

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Keeping Trade Secrets from being Disclosed

Trade secrets are a crucial component of many businesses. In order to continue to enjoy the benefits of those trade secrets, it is critical that they are protected from disclosure to the public or your competitors. Through the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA), businesses are provided with tools to help keep trade secrets from being …

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Distribution Provisions in LLC Operating Agreements

At the formation of a limited liability company (LLC), an important consideration is the writing and adopting of the LLC operating agreement. One aspect that should be included in the operating agreement is how the profits (or losses) will be distributed among the members of the LLC. Determining each owner’s financial interest at the outset …

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Achieving a Better Life Experience Accounts

Disability-related expenses are often significant. The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, signed into law by President Obama this past December, aims to help individuals and their families save money for future expenses. The Act amends the tax code to allow for tax-advantages in state-created ABLE savings accounts.


Pursuant to …

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