Why Incorporate in Delaware?

Delaware is frequently the state selected by companies wishing to incorporate. There are numerous reasons for this. The following explores some of the major benefits of incorporating in Delaware. Though there are several benefits of incorporating in Delaware, it is not necessarily appropriate or desirable for all companies. Before incorporating your company, it is often …

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Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Rights

Quite often, employers use items like employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), 401k plans, or stock option plans to provide incentives and benefits to employees. However, under certain circumstances, it may be desirable or necessary to use alternate forms of equity compensation. In these situations, companies can use either phantom stock or stock appreciation rights (SARs).

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Permanent Establishment

For business owners, expanding beyond the borders of the United States presents significant opportunities and benefits. The decision to enter foreign markets likely means the company is enjoying success. However, it is important to keep in mind that conducting business in other countries raises additional and unique risks over remaining a domestic company, including potentially …

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Series LLC

For individuals with multiple properties or businesses, an alternative to creating multiple limited liability companies (LLC) is to form a series LLC. This special form of LLC, first developed by Delaware, contains many benefits, but is also filled with limitations that business owners should be aware of.

What is a Series LLC?

A series LLC …

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