Alibaba’s Expansion in the United States

Jack Ma, CEO of the Alibaba Group, recently met with President Trump to discuss the Chinese company’s expansion plans in the United States.  Mr. Ma indicated the focus of the meeting was on supporting small U.S. businesses to sell their goods to China and Asia on the Alibaba e-commerce platform, with initial emphasis on goods…

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Farm Income Taxation: Reaping What Good Lobbying Has Sown

Farms are as American as apple pie. Thus, they have become one of American politicians’ favorite businesses. Unsurprisingly, they get tax advantages unavailable to most other businesses. A well-advised farmer should be aware of these advantages, on top of their other governmental subsidies (which have some interplay with farmers’ tax rules). This article gives a…

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Alternative Proteins and the Fight for a Standard of Identity

How do you get your daily dose of protein? Do you partake in Meatless Mondays? Maybe you are exploring a more extreme diet change such as becoming a pescatarian or vegan? Food trends are making exploratory diets more accessible, but FoodTech innovation is also changing the way people consume proteins. People are inventing new ways…

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